Divorce & Custody

Few legal battles are as emotionally charged as a divorce or custody proceeding.  The fight involves presenting evidence related to the best interests of the child, meeting the burden of proof of domestic violence, and many other tumultuous issues.  More importantly, when such proceedings involve abuse, either against the spouse (domestic violence) or against the child, the legal battle requires an even greater focus on protecting the victim.

Many times victims of abuse are unable to properly present their case without the assistance of a skilled attorney who has a track record of winning divorce and custody cases involving violence or abuse.  These matters require the representation of professionals to not just win the case, but to win it properly, in a way that places the safety and well being of victims of abuse and violence at the forefront.

Richard Ducote is one such attorney, with over 30 years of practice defending and protecting the rights of victims of abuse in child custody and divorce battles.